Saavan is a user-driven platform for you to read and share poetry. It is a kind of community of people with common interest in poetry.

Saavan provides a poetic online environment to read and share poems that help heal and offer catharsis through good times and bad. Poetry can bring huge joy, unique excitement, fulfilment and intense elation, but also deep frustration, outburst of clumsy feelings, destitute thoughts, dejection and depression. Saavan, in these moments provide constant inspiration and support. We strives to remain accessible to “real people, real life” who all share interests and experience.

For Saavan, every poet is unique. And, everyone is welcomed and respected as a member of the family. Here, everyone is provided same resources and equal platform. From your personal Workspace to your unique Poetry Collection, your Poet Profile, responses or social interaction, you can be as dynamic or as silent as you want. As connected or reserved as it takes you.

Whether you are professional poet or poetry is just you hobby. You write daily or just on special occasions. Or, out of the blue. You write when you are sad or fizzing with joy; in love or lonely. May be you write about sorrow or happiness, express grief of others in words or write your own frustration, in dark lonely place or under the shining stars…. You want to write and make this world better. Want to connect with other poets. Get encouraged. Just write your feelings here and get a wide audience – ensure your work inspire, stimulate and touch the life of others and sometimes open a window of opportunities for them. At Saavan, we believe everyone has unique feelings and anyone can be a poet. Poetry is for all, not the few.

Saavan offers an empowering and uplifting environment. We offer a creative digital solution to the present stifling system, whereby poetry being seen or reviewed only by a few people and bunch of arbiters. We think poetry is too big: too important. We fill the gap created by traditional publishers and want to level the opportunities with the talent, passion and energy of the poets. Indeed, the goal of Saavan is provide a place to showcase talent of poets with nowhere to go, to be published, encouraged – to be visible, heard and read.

Internet is limitless

Internet is limitless, so the audience is too. It is wonderful opportunity for poetry to blossom in this era of internet with the easy presence on smart digital devices. Whether you write poetry for commiseration, celebration or just to communicate. With fabulous wings of internet, its reach can be electrified with new reach and possibilities. At Saavan, you can weave a personal network on the World Wide Web with countless readers, potential friends and someone special!

Of course, you can write or read anywhere, anytime. Whether, its holiday or office break, you are in train or on the roof of your home, riding, riddling or rapping, fishing, kissing or missing someone. Saavan is visible everywhere with your small digital device. Never let even a single good line to get away, just pen down on the beautiful pages of Saavan.

Our Community of Poets

We are very proud of the friendly, supportive and welcoming community it has become. If you are a poet who is looking for friendship, fun and a place to share your poetry; we would love to have you join us.